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2018 Rates

Regular (Age 19-54)

Course RatesMon - ThursFridaySaturdays, Sundays & Holidays
18 Holes
$49 before 2pm
$29 after 2pm
$54 till 12 pm
$44 noon-2pm
$29 after 2pm
$59 before 12pm
$54 12pm-2pm
$29 after 2pm
9 Holes
$25 before 2pm
$15 after 2 pm
$27 before noon
$22 noon-2 pm
$15 after 2pm
$30 before 12pm
$27 12pm - 2pm
$15 after 2pm
18 Holes
Senior (Age 55+)
& Youth (18 Under) 
$35 anytime
$29 after 2pm
9 Holes w/cart
$18 before 2 pm
$15 after 2 pm
$35 before 2pm
$29 after 2pm
9 Holes w/cart
$18 before 2 pm
$15 after 2 pm
Reg Rack Rate before 2pm
$29 after 2pm
  • Hole #1

    Yards 334 326 312 272
    Handicap 17 17 13 13

    *This is a good warm-up hole. Limber up with an easy drive, then choose a short iron that will carry to the green

  • Hole #2

    Yards 444 416 352 314
    Handicap 1 1 7 7

    *This is a very demanding driving hole. There is out of bounds on the right side. Clear Run meanders in the front along the left side making accuracy as well as distance a must. After the tee shot, there remains a long second shot to an undulating green.

  • Hole #3

    Yards 422 408 318 304
    Handicap 5 5 9 9

    *Going too far to the right sacrifices distance on this tee ball, but with Clear Run beckoning again on the left, the right side is the bail-out choice.

  • Hole #4

    Yards 233 160 130 128
    Handicap 13 13 17 17

    *Pay attention to your yardage: there is a big difference between the blue and white tees on this par 3. There is out of bounds on the left side and behind the green, and going too far right will land you on the #5 tee box.

  • Hole #5

    Yards 396 365 347 307
    Handicap 7 7 3 3

    *A dog-leg to the left with out-of-bounds on the left. This hole sets up perfectly for the courageous golfer to try to draw the ball around the corner. The second shot is long and must go hit between fairway bunkers to an elevated green.

  • Hole #6

    Yards 501 482 420 406
    Handicap 9 9 5 5

    *Those woods on the left are out-of-bounds, but don’t let that deter you from keeping your ball somewhat left of center all the way to the green because the fairway slope is going to push your ball to the right.

  • Hole #7

    Yards 175 158 146 138
    Handicap 15 15 15 15

    *Looking down to this green makes it appear shorter than it really is. Be sure to hit enough club.

  • Hole #8

    Yards 434 423 402 388
    Handicap 3 3 1 1

    *Long, accurate shots are necessary to reach this raised green in regulation. The wily Scot strikes again on bunker placement. Extra distance makes this a tough par 4.

  • Hole #9

    Yards 368 347 328 315
    Handicap 11 1 11 11

    *Fairway bunkers on both sides call for a down the middle drive to put you in good position for your approach shot. Be aware that you must fly well past the forward bunkers to hit the green.

  • Hole #10

    Yards 540 523 455 433
    Handicap 4 4 2 2

    *Don’t hold back on your tee ball here, as #10 is a long par 5. Pine trees on the right will try to grab your ball. Make allowance for the green elevation when choosing your iron for the homeward shot.

  • Hole #11

    Yards 390 389 327 315
    Handicap 8 8 8 8

    *The fairway slope tends to guide your ball to the right, into the trees. Bunkers guard the left side, however. Watch out for tricky rolls on the green.

  • Hole #12

    Yards 504 484 423 411
    Handicap 6 6 4 4

    *The fairway bunkers appear to create a bottle neck but your second shot should clear it easily. The only remaining problem is the green slope from right to left. A well placed approach shot will give you a good chance for a birdie.

  • Hole #13

    Yards 323 308 293 281
    Handicap 17 17 13 13

    * A dog-leg to the right. A short-iron second shot is all you need to this highly elevated green. Pitch or putt back with a light touch if you happen to land beyond the hole.

  • Hole #14

    Yards 187 169 151 142
    Handicap 12 12 14 14

    * Menacing trees on the left may influence you to aim right, but resist that urge or you may land in the bunkers looming to the right.

  • Hole #15

    Yards 440 426 352 340
    Handicap 2 2 6 6

    * Distance and topography make this one of the most challenging holes on the course. Most golfers can hit away from the tee with no fear of hitting the lake (285 yards from the white tees). The water could come into play as you head to the green, however.

  • Hole #16

    Yards 330 324 305 265
    Handicap 14 14 12 12

    * The distance here is about the same as hole #1 but the hills on both sides make a straight drive very desirable. Note the position marker on the flagstick to help you on your approach to this invisible green.

  • Hole #17

    Yards 169 147 129 107
    Handicap 18 18 18 18

    * “Bail-out left” is the watchword on this par 3. It is better to be left than right due to the steep drop-off on the right side. Club selection is at a premium.

  • Hole #18

    Yards 369 355 340 322
    Handicap 16 16 16 16

    * This is the hole everyone talks about. Take a moment to drink the view, then step up and hit away. The ball will not reach the green but will look mighty pretty soaring out in space.


The staff at Denison Golf Club at Granville would like to pass along some helpful hints and mandatory guidelines for a successful golf event. We ask that you and your group adhere to our requests.

Shotgun Outings

The minimum number of player for a shotgun outing is 100 on weekends, and 80 on weekdays. This amount must be paid for should these numbers not be reached. Times for shotguns are 7:30 am or 1:00 pm.

Two Way Start #1 & #10 tees 

The minimum number of players for a two-way start is 60. Starting times will be 7:00 or 11:30 am.

Modified Shotguns

The minimum number of players for a modified shotgun outing is 40 players. The starting times for a modified shotgun are 8:00 on weekends and 8:30 on weekdays.

Regular Tee Start

The minimum number to be considered an outing is 20 players. With this amount of players the only option is a 1st tee start, but you will be treated to the cart signs, registration table, and contest holes.

A $500 deposit is required for all groups of 40 or above to guarantee an outing date. This deposit will not be refunded if outing cancels less than 7 days prior to outing date.

Outings must confirm final number of players at least 7 days in advance. This also pertains to any food and beverage requests.

Appropriate golf attire is to be worn at Granville. Collared shirts are required. All participants are required to wear soft spikes or rubber-soled-shoes.

All food and beverages must be purchased from the Denison Golf Club at Granville. We also recognize the number of charitable outings and how groups rely on donated food and beverages. In order to accommodate these events, the following fee for the use of donated items: Shelter house fee, groups will be charged on a per person basis at $1.50 per person. (maximum of $125.00)

Ohio law states that you may not bring your own alcoholic beverages on the premises. Legal beverages may be purchased from the snack bar Monday through Saturday. Alcoholic beverages are not sold or permitted on Sunday.

Denison Golf Club promotes a friendly, upscale atmosphere in which both adults and juniors can enjoy our golf course, golf practice, and clubhouse facilities. Denison Golf Club reminds patrons that a reasonable standards of dress is required at all times. Inappropriate or unacceptable dress is any attire which a team member, at their discretion, consider to be unsuitable. Dress code guidelines are as follows:


  • Hemmed walking or Bermuda length shorts
  • Collared shirts
  • Sleeveless blouses with collars or designer collarless golf shirts for women only
  • Traditional slacks and khakis
  • Shirts with mock or traditional button collars
  • Golf shoes with soft spikes or tennis shoes

Not Accepted

  • Shorts shorter than Bermuda or hemmed walking length
  • Bathing suits, cut-offs, gym or jogging shorts, denim shorts, jeans, scrubs, warm up suits, cotton sweat suits, tank tops or t-shirts
  • Sleeveless and/or collarless shirts in general are not acceptable for men
  • Any article of clothing displaying an offensive statement
  • Golf shoes with metal spikes and any footwear that can cause damage, such as jagged or ribbed-sole jogging footwear
  • Collars such as those on t-shirts

We respectfully ask that patrons comply with the dress code out of respect for others and not put our staff in a position where it is necessary for them to bring our policy to your attention. Our team reserves the right to deny play on the golf course or golf practice areas to anyone not dressed accordingly.

555 Newark Granville Rd, Granville, OH 43023| Reservations: 740.587.4653|Pro Shop Hours: 8am-6pm