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We’re giving you a 9-hole do-over round FREE with any 18-hole tee time.

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Offer valid for 18-hole tee times on October 16th & 17th, 2019.

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Created for golf enthusiasts in Granville, Newark, and the Licking County area, Joe Giles Indoor Golf provides 24×7 year-round access to an indoor facility where you can work on improving all aspects of your game.  Featuring mats and nets for both long and short clubs, a putting green, and an area to work on your short game, you can stop by at any time that fits your schedule, day or night!  We have secure access with video surveillance, enabling our unique and flexible approach.

Joe Giles is our PGA Teaching Professional at Denison Golf Club. Here is a note from Joe:

“I hope to see you during our 2-week Grand Opening at Joe Giles Indoor Golf, November 1-15, 10am-6pm.

I’ll be there to show you around and will be giving lessons.

Practice is FREE during these two weeks. And I think you’ll want to sign up online for a membership so you can come all winter long! Non-members are also welcome and can buy single-use passes.”

We invite you to play in the Central Ohio Reds Men’s Baseball 1st Annual Golf Outing at Denison Golf Club!

Friday, October 25th | 1:30PM shotgun
$75 per person | $300 per foursome

Includes: golf, cart, dinner and 2 drink tickets per golfer

Prizes: Longest Drive, Longest Putt, Closest to the Pin

Raffle: Prizes will be available to be raffled off

Email or call Mike Justice at (614) 440-1371 to register.
Registration closes Monday, October 21st.



6 Reasons Why Golf is Good For You

Golf is both mentally stimulating and physically challenging. Here are 6 reasons why your favorite sport is such an amazing game for both the body and the mind!


Walking, carrying your bag, and swinging all get the blood pumping to your heart. This physical exercise reduces your risk of stroke, diabetes, high blood pressure, and high cholesterol.


Walking the golf course strengthens the brain’s memory circuits. By staying active, you make sure your brain has a strong blood supply, which is essential to help it function better.


An 18-hole round easily exceeds the recommended daily step count of 10,000 for weight loss. Men burn an average of 2,500 kCal over 18 holes, while women burn 1,500 kCal.


Walking in fresh air, socializing, and the mental challenge of golf releases the mood-enhancing chemicals in your brain, which make you happy and relaxed.


Walking the course gives you fresh air and a good workout – a powerful combination that helps you sleep faster and remain sleeping for longer.


Golf is attractive to people of all ages because it is a low-impact sport that allows players to burn calories with a low risk of injury.


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We invite you to play in the Granville Area Chamber of Commerce 11th Annual Golf Outing at Denison Golf Club!

The Granville Area Chamber of Commerce is an organization of business leaders whose purpose is to maximize the value and relevance of business by stimulating commerce, advocating for our businesses, and supporting responsible business development that preserves our heritage and sustains the quality of life in the community.

Monday, September 23rd | 1PM tee off
$123 per person | $500 per foursome

Includes: 4-person 18-hole scramble w/ cart, boxed lunch and buffet dinner following

Use Butch Harmon’s keys to simplify bunker shots

Written by: Butch Harmon

When most golfers climb into a greenside bunker, it’s like an out-of-body experience. They lose all sense of what they need to do, fear takes over, and a few hacks later . . . triple bogey.

The good news is, most of the mistakes I see come at address, and those are the easy ones to fix. A lot of golfers play the ball back and push their hands ahead. Typical miss: chunk. Others set up tilting away from the target. Typical miss: skull. So let’s check your setup.

First, open the clubface. That adds loft and helps the club slide through the sand. Rotate the face open, then grip with your top hand, setting your thumb on the top of the handle. Add your bottom hand. Opening the clubface before you grip helps keep it open during the swing.

Second, play the ball forward in your stance, in line with your front foot. That pre-sets hitting the sand a few inches behind the ball. The shaft should be straight up and down or leaning slightly away from the target—another key to maintaining loft and promoting that sliding action.

Third, dig in your feet a little and lean your body over your front foot. That’ll give you the descent you need on the downswing to drive the club through the sand and under the ball.

Focus on a spot a few inches behind the ball, that’s where you want the club to touch down.

Now you’re in a great position to hit the shot. All I want you to think about is spanking the sand and keeping up your speed to the finish. You’ll be amazed how your fear disappears after you see a few good ones.